Thursday, February 9, 2017

Some Photos of Today's Snowfall

  Here are some photos of the  snowfall in the Riverdale area.

Above - While most of the city had 8 - 12 inches of snowfall, the Bronx was hit with 6 - 8 inches.
Below - What the Henry Hudson Parkway southbound looked like at noon from the  West 239th Street overpass.

Above and Below - Plows were out large ones from the Department of Sanitation, and small one from the Department of Transportation.

Above - There were even plows from the New York City Transit Authority.
Below - To help keep the buses rolling. Notice the chains on the rear tires of this bus which had to go up hills.

Above - Even the UPS truck was out making deliveries, but today there were no Traffic Enforcement Agents to write tickets for them. 
Below - One of my favorite eating places in Riverdale Yo Burger may have been closed, but it was quite a scene to see all the snow on the tables and seats outside.

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