Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Statement from NYC Comptroller Scott M. Stringer on Reports of Federal Cuts to the New York City Housing Authority

   “And so it begins. We all have long known that leadership in Washington seeks to shred the social safety net by slashing funding for those who need it most. Last year, we put out a report laying out those potential federal cuts to our city. Now, it’s happening — and it’s starting with NYCHA. The White House is actively targeting our most vulnerable citizens. It’s wrong.
“NYCHA houses five percent of the city, including tens of thousands of children. It mitigates our affordability challenges, and if future cuts happen, it could exacerbate an already record homeless crisis. That means that if we want to protect the safety net down the road, and if we want to prepare for whatever comes ahead, we must take steps to save now.”
​In November, Comptroller Stringer released a report outlining the impacts of potential Federal aid cuts. That analysis can be found here.

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