Thursday, March 23, 2017

Why Can't You Find a Traffic Agent When You Need One?

  They can spot a UPS truck a mile away, and will appear out of thin air to ticket the UPS truck who is parked safely so traffic can pass in a second. However when a beer truck such as you will see in the photos below parks blocking more than half of an intersection where cars have to go around blindly to turn or people have to come out into the street from behind the beer truck at risk of being hit by traffic, where is the traffic agent to give these beer trucks tickets?

Above - No that is not a traffic agent giving this beer truck several tickets for double parking, parking in a 'No Standing' zone, and blocking an intersection, but the driver of the beer truck.
Below - This beer truck belongs to the Union Beer company which is probably coming from outside New York City.

Just in case any traffic agent wants to know the plate number of this beer truck, here it is. At least it is a New York State plate.

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