Sunday, April 2, 2017

640 West 238th Street -What is Going On Here?

  A photo is worth a thousand words so here are two from last Thursday of work being done at 640 West 238th Street in the street, and how both sides of the street are blocked without any flag persons on hand to safely move traffic.

Above - You can see the work truck blocking one side of the street. Notice that the protective netting around the island is missing, and garbage and other construction materials are in its place on the island. 
Below - You can see the back hoe blocking the other side of the street with the SUV right behind it. Notice the New Jersey plate on the SUV. So much for Bronx Businesses at Work. Also note there are no flag people anywhere, which is a requirement when closing a whole or part of a street.

The picture was very different later in the day, as the back hoe was on the other side of the street, the island area was cleaned up, and the protective netting was back up. I guess there was a visit from the DOT once again.

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