Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Bronx Chamber of Commerce - MORE Bronx Business Referrals HERE


Join before May 1, 2017 and Save $100 on the application fee. Take advantage of a wide range of programs, service and networking opportunities through the Bronx Chamber of Commerce.  Do not miss out on referral business!

Following is the 2017 Chamber Brochure which includes the Membership Application: https://chambermaster.blob.core.windows.net/userfiles/UserFiles/chambers/1983/CMS/Brochure-2017-legal-size.pdf.

The Digital Edition of the 2017 BRONX BUSINESS DIRECTORY & RESOURCE GUIDE includes hyperlinks to company advertisers, member websites and email addresses listed in the alphabetical and category listings to generate business referrals and help grow your Bronx Business. The BRONX BUSINESS DIRECTORY & RESOURCE GUIDE is updated each month with an addendum and inserted into the glossy edition. You can view the Digital Edition by clicking the following link: http://digital-editions.todaymediacustom.com/bronx-chamber/2017/.

Visit www.BronxChamber.org. Small business members have the opportunity to sponsor events at affordable costs. For more information, click on the following link: https://chambermaster.blob.core.windows.net/userfiles/UserFiles/chambers/1983/CMS/GROW-YOUR-SMALL-BUSINESS-2017-Sponsorship-Opportunities-(002).pdf.

Following is the link to the News 12 interview highlighting the 2017 BRONX BUSINESS DIRECTORY & RESOURCE GUIDE and how it can help you grow your Bronx Business! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-gJd70JrGpYTGM2bWk0Y0tJb1k/view.
For larger companies or organizations, The Bronx Chamber of Commerce provides members the opportunity to write 1 check each year and receive significant value promoting your company or organization and provide financial support to the business community. For more information, click on the following link: https://chambermaster.blob.core.windows.net/userfiles/UserFiles/chambers/1983/CMS/Corporate-Sponsor-Package-Itemized-(002).pdf.

The Bronx Chamber of Commerce is one of the most influential, professional, successful organizations and voice for 30,000 businesses in Bronx County. Professionals and companies are drawn to the successful companies and active members affiliated with The Bronx Chamber of Commerce. Membership includes businesses ranging from large corporations, Cultural Institutions, Universities and Colleges, Hospitals and Medical Centers, non-profits, and mid-sized to small companies.
Helping you grow your Bronx Business is our Goal!
Nunzio Del Greco
President and CEO
Bronx Chamber of Commerce
"The Network For Business Success"
1200 Waters Place, Suite 106
Bronx, NY 10461
"You never know where your next big deal is going to come from"!

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