Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Through Re-thinking Freight and Package Delivery Systems, Transportation Chair Rodriguez Proposed Taking Thousands of Delivery Trucks Off City Streets

  At a symposium on the Future of Sustainable Transportation in NYC, Council Transportation Chair Ydanis Rodriguez delivered a key note address touching on important topics to reduce congestion, truck traffic and enhance public transit in New York City. Council Member Rodriguez called for a rethinking of delivery systems in New York City that could remove thousands of delivery trucks from the streets. 

CM Rodriguez addressed a three pronged plan to address congestion caused by truck deliveries:
  • The legalization of E-Bikes in New York State, with the intention to use e-bikes to transport goods, packages and more, as is being done in cities such as Portland, Oregon
  • Distribution centers should be located outside of NYC, where delivery bikes can be dispatched from, instead of trucks traversing the city.
  • If goods are to be delivered by truck, they should be delivered between 7pm and 7am, to avoid rush hour on city streets.
He also announced that his office is working on legislation to look at requiring garbage pick ups to be completed at night, to ensure they do not contribute to congestion during morning rush hours.

Additionally, Council Member Rodriguez called for a complete overhaul to bus service in New York City so that they are prioritized over car traffic; for the private sector in New York City to contribute to improving the subway system that benefits them tremendously, through an "adopt-a-station" model and more; and re-emphasized his call to continue expanding Citi Bike.

"Fundamentally, we must make the experience of not driving a car cheaper, faster, safer and more enjoyable than the alternative," said Council Transportation Chair Ydanis Rodriguez. "We cannot expect New Yorkers to give up their cars until this happens, which means the pressure is on us as policy makers to improve public transit and our growing bike network. I am glad to take on this challenge and events like Car Free Day are just the start, aiming to bring attention to these issues."

The event was organized by the University Transportation Research Center, Region 2 as part of the countdown to Car Free Day on Earth Day this year. 


While Portland Oregon is half the size of New York City the population of Portland Oregon is 632,000 people compared to the over 8,000,000 people living in New York City. The entire Metro Portland area comprises 2,350,000 people while the Metro New York City area comprises 19,800,000 people. 

As for e-bikes the price listed on one Portland E-bike company lists several different models ranging in prices starting at $1,650.00 up to $4,399.00 for e-bikes that can range from a 500 watt motor up to a 2,000 watt motor. The top speed of these e-bikes range from a low of 18 MPH to a high of 28 MPH. the speed limit in NYC is 25 MPH. A license is only needed if the e-bike is 750 watts or higher, and the rider must be over 16 years of age.

The e-bike information comes from Cynergy E-Bikes of Portland Oregon.

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