Thursday, April 27, 2017

Department of Transportation Proposes New Broadway Corridor Plan

  The Department of Transportation came to Tuesday night's Community Board 8 T & T meeting with a proposal to slow down traffic on Broadway from West 242nd Street up to the Yonkers City line. It included a 'Protected Bike Lane on the park side Northbound on Broadway since there is less traffic which travels northbound rather than southbound. Nivardo Lopez the Bronx DOT Commissioner estimated the volume of traffic difference to be about one and a half times more southbound. 

  The protected bike lane would be nine feet wide which would occupy the current extra space in the parking lanes which were increased to make the travel lanes smaller to slow down vehicles, which apparently has not worked. Also there would be bus bulbs placed at current bus stops in the Broadway corridor for bus riders to board buses. There would still be two lanes of traffic both ways on Broadway, however buses would be stopping in the right lane at the bus bulbs which would then allow for only one lane of traffic to flow until the bus started to move again.

  The room was packed with people who were not shy about the lack of parking in the area, the new buildings going up in the area which would need more parking, and the proposed bike lane. CB 9 Chair Dan Padernacht chaired the meeting since T & T Chair Heller who was chosen to be the new District Manager has resigned from the board, and did not have a Vice-Chair since his last Vice-Chair was not reappointed last June.

Above - CB 8 Chair Dan Padernacht runs the meeting since the T & T Chair resigned from the board to become the new District Manager, leaving without having a Vice-Chair since last June.
Below - One DOT chart shows speeding on Broadway.

Another DOT chart shows changes at the Broadway and Mosholu Avenue corner. The result was that the DOT will come back to the MAy T & T meeting with answers to the questions that were not answered and better charts.

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