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NYC Web Development Fellowship is part of the Tech Talent Pipeline; TTP has connected over 370 New Yorkers to careers through training

  Mayor Bill de Blasio today announced that the NYC Web Development Fellowship program, part of the City’s Tech Talent Pipeline Initiative, is expanding to serve as many as three times the number of New Yorkers interested in careers in web development. The expansion comes as three new tech training providers partner with the fellowship program: the Fullstack Academy, General Assembly, and New York Code + Design Academy.

TTP is aimed at New Yorkers seeking good-paying, career-track technology jobs.

Overall, 372 New Yorkers served by TTP’s ten programs – which help businesses start and grow by equipping New Yorkers with in-demand tech skills – have secured jobs and paid internships with average salaries of nearly $53,000. The largest cohort of TTP graduates, those in web development, have secured average salaries of $67,000.

“I am incredibly proud to announce that TTP has already connected more than 370 New Yorkers to good paying jobs and that we are expanding this incredible fellowship program, one that reaches New Yorkers from all boroughs and offers even more opportunities in the new economy,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

New Yorkers interested in applying to TTP’s programs can visit TTP.NYC, and sign up to be notified when programs are accepting applications.

Through the NYC Web Development Fellowship, and in combination with SBS, graduates have been connected to positions at leading companies, including Spotify, Viacom, and Kickstarter.

“The NYC Tech Talent Pipeline has created opportunities for more New Yorkers to achieve good, career-track jobs in the tech field, and I am pleased that we are expanding one of its most successful training programs,” said Gregg Bishop, Commissioner of the Department of Small Business Services. “The tech industry is an important part of New York City’s economy and we will continue to work with our private sector partners to forge a future that is inclusive and taps the rich talents of all of our people.”

The NYC Web Development Fellowship serves New Yorkers, including many without four-year degrees and those who cannot afford a private tech training boot camp. It’s the largest of TTP’s ten training and education programs, all of which are designed, developed, and delivered in partnership with industry and educational institutions to offer real-world skills needed in the innovation economy. They range in focus from software engineering and data analysis training to “Bridge-To-Tech,” which is delivered with The Knowledge House, an innovative Bronx-based and tech-focused program for individuals seeking additional skills before entering training or post-secondary education.

Web Development Fellowship Graduate Spotlight:

After her Web Development Fellowship training and an internship at Kickstarter, Geraldina Garcia Alvarez, 24, started a new job as a fulltime software engineer at VICE in November 2015.

“I can’t believe how much my life has changed since I completed the NYC Web Development Fellowship. After juggling jobs to pay my rent, the Fellowship provided the opportunity of a lifetime. Today, I’m excited to be working as a software engineer where I am able to do what I love every day,” said Garcia Alvarez.

More than training, TTP’s broader impact:

Leveraging employer insight to design and develop trainings is just one of the ways that TTP works to equip New Yorkers with the skills needed to secure and succeed in in-demand tech roles. TTP works directly with industry and academic partners to improve alignment of tech education pathways with the needs of NYC’s growing tech ecosystem in order to better prepare New Yorkers for tech jobs. For example, in March, TTP held a Web Development Summit at Spotify headquarters that brought together 25 industry advisors and representatives of eight academic and training organizations to identify opportunities to better prepare New Yorkers for web development roles. A summary of industry feedback from the summit can be found here.

By investing in the alignment of curriculum with industry needs, TTP is expanding its reach and laying a foundation for quality jobs and quality talent at scale.

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