Tuesday, April 18, 2017

New Community Board 8 District Manager to be Michael Heller

  It seems that Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz has been able to get his choice for District Manager of Community Board 8 voted in at the monthly Community Board 8 meeting. But wait the normal second Tuesday full Community Board meeting is being held on Wednesday April 19th, so how would I know that Michael Heller was (or is going to be) voted in as the new District Manager?

  As you have seen on this blog I had left up a writing sample of the Traffic and Transportation Chair's minutes, which he submitted to be approved. If you went over the September 2016 minutes you found several mistakes. How could a non board member who was not even present at the September T & T meeting vote not once, but twice during the meeting as if they were a full board member. How could a board member who was no longer on the T & T committee (and listed as such) vote as a committee member. How could the vote be 9 - 0 - 0 when there were only eight voting members of the committee. When you subtract myself and the one board member who was not able to vote that leaves only seven committee members who voted (if they did) leaving out a long time female committee member who was in attendance. Could it be that the T & T chair Mr. Heller thought that the missing female committee member was me, or was Mr. Heller hallucinating when he wrote the minutes of the meeting. 

  What makes this worse is the fact that at the October 2016 T & T committee meeting the September 2016 Minutes were approved unanimously without any changes, but no names of who voted are mentioned. To make matters even more strange the T & T committee in its November meeting voted to approve the minutes of the October meeting without any changes once again unanimously without any changes, and no names of who voted again. To make sure these minutes were not changed at the last minute I received a certified copy of the September, October, and November Traffic and Transportation Committee minutes from the Chair of CB 8 who certified them.

  It seems that this type of problem happened once before on Community Board 8 by the Economic Development committee chair who had a problem submitting minutes, and there were calls for his removal. I guess if you have Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz in your corner and when you screw up royally like the T & T chair Michael Heller has done you get voted in as the new District Manager.

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