Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Senator Reverend Ruben Diaz - I AM RUNNNG FOR CITY COUNCIL

You should know that at 74 years of age, and after serving our community with an exemplary legislative record, where 15 pieces of my legislation have become Law after being approved by the Senate, the Assembly, and signed into Law by the Governor, I have decided to officially announce my candidacy for the 18th Council District in the City of New York.

You should also know that there are few legislators who have 15 laws approved in 15 years. In fact, there are many legislators who have been unable to pass 1 bill in all of their legislative life.

For that reason, and because of the multitude of community projects that I have been responsible for, such as: construction of low-income housing; repair of train stations; re-pavement of streets; Implementation of charter schools; services for senior citizens, immigrants, non-medallion taxi car drivers, and many more initiatives, I believe that the residents of the 32nd Senatorial District in Bronx County have been well represented during the past 15 years.

I enter into this new endeavor praying and hoping: that God will provide me with health and fortitude; that the residents of the 18th City Council District will place their trust in me; and that my friends and followers both inside and outside of the 18th City Council District will give me their support and contributions, not only spiritual, but physical, emotional, political and financial.

This is Senator Reverend Ruben Diaz, and this is what you should know.

It seems like the worst kept secret is out now that Senator Diaz Sr. has made this announcement public. He made his intentions known well before he was re-elected to the State Senate last year. 

In a statement on Facebook, 18th City Council Candidate Elvin Garcia has welcomed the candidate with the most experience being raided by the FBI into the race.

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