Saturday, April 29, 2017

Why Are These Two Con Edison Workers Digging on West 238th Street?

  It appears that our story begins with the building in the background known as 640 West 238th Street. I have covered the demolition of a one story building on the site to make way for the current eight story fifteen unit apartment building now for over one year in this blog. I have put up photo after photo of items that I thought were wrong by the contractor or his workers. It started with drawings of the street with the one fire hydrant placed on the wrong side of the street. 
  Well the building has gone up, and like I said I have placed photos like this here on this blog. So let's answer the question - Why are these two Con Ed workers digging in the middle of the street?
  With 640 West 238th Street almost finished the building has to be hooked up to the water, sewer, gas, and power lies all of which are underground. The generator in the background in front of the building belongs to a contractor who was trying to hook the building up to the water and or sewer lines. Apparently said building contractor did not know or care about the old cast iron gas line which was compromised (according to a Con Edison supervisor) while trying to hook up 640 West 238th Street to the water and or sewer line. Con Edison had to dig up the street to find the gas main so it could be shut off until a new gas line is put in. Apparently only the four small buildings and the mini apartment building East of 640 West 238th Street (the Blackstone Avenue side) will be without gas until the matter is taken care of by Con Ed, which I was told should be no more than a few days, hopefully. 
  Below are some more photos taken today by me of the condition of West 238th Street.

Above - Is West 238th Street with street cuts at the Independence Avenue side, and many street cuts in front of 640 West 238th Street, not to mention the metal plates left by the building contractor and his generator.
Below - The supervisor from Con Edison said that this cut in West 238th Street was not done by Con Edison, so one would wonder just who cut the street?

Above - You can see part of the covering of a Con Edison electric grate cover sticking out on the right side of the photo covered over by several metal plates. As I have shown the electric grating sinking due to the heavy weight of the construction vehicles, it apparently has to be fixed. 
Below - The work permit for 640 West 238th Street issued to Asher Neuman, CIPCO Developers of N Y IN.

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