Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Assembly Member and DNC Vice Chair Michael Blake on the Sharing of Classified Information by President Trump to Russian Leaders

In response to the report of President Trump releasing classified information to Russian officials, New York State Assembly Member and DNC Vice Chair Michael Blake released the following statement:

If this is true, the revealing of classified information by President Trump to Russians is appalling and unconscionable on many levels.  The release of information endangers the lives of people, further erodes trust and weakens our intelligence capabilities Furthermore, it only helps corroborate the suspicion that he is in collusion with the Russian government.

It is arguably one of the greatest betrayals by a President, an administration, or a public servant of the American People of this generation and must be investigated and responded to forcefully.  Moreover, one must presume that multiple people were immediately aware of this release of information and chose their party over the country.  All persons associated with this action should be removed from their positions immediately as lives, trust and security are now at stake.  I commend the Washington Post for proving again that investigative journalism is necessary while I simultaneously pray for the safety of anyone who is in harm's way due to the release of this information.

Congress now has an obligation to the American people to create an independent commission to fully investigate the President and his campaign's ties to the Russian government. To do anything less would be a corrupt, and needless to say, partisan obstruction of justice. Every single Member of Congress and elected official should be asked directly, do they support an Independent Special Prosecutor to investigate ties between Trump, his associates, and Russia.  I adamantly support such an appointment and all those who don't should be held accountable.”

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