Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Assemblymember Pichardo: We must protect our children from gun violence

     “Our families’ lives have been put at risk far too many times because guns have become so widespread and accessible in the Bronx. More guns are flooding into our neighborhoods every day, threatening our safety. We need to take a stand before this situation gets any worse. Just yesterday, two loaded handguns were found underneath a car outside of I.S. 206 – a middle school – where any kid could have easily picked one up and accidentally shot themselves or someone nearby.
    “We’re very lucky that the school only had to go into a lockdown. But that’s no way for our children to have to live – they should be learning about science, history and math in school, not about guns. We can’t allow the spread of gun violence to take their childhoods. We need to find out where these guns are coming from and put an immediate stop to this. If we don’t, we’ll be robbed of the sense of safety and community we’ve built here in the Bronx.
    “As your representative in Albany, I’ve worked hard to get guns off our streets. I’ve co-sponsored legislation to create a pilot program to reduce urban youth gun violence (A.2422) as well as legislation to prohibit people on the consolidated terrorist watchlist from possessing a firearm (A.2959). Further, I’m pushing to make background checks more effective by giving law enforcement more time to perform a check and dealers to report prohibited purchasers (A.3438). I’m fighting up in Albany so we can have safer streets here at home in the Bronx.”

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