Saturday, May 20, 2017


  As part of Bronx Week 2017 Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. hosted the annual #not62 Bronx Week Health Day, a day of celebrating physical activity and wellness. #NOT62is a  Campaign for a Healthier Bronx. The event took place at Joyce Kilmer Park 161st Street opposite the Bronc County Building

  There was also a non-partisan test of skill in the ancient New York City art of stickball. This took place on the service road of the Grand Concourse, and elected officials from other boroughs invited, photos are below.

Above - A dance contest went on with Grand Master Ruben doing the rapping.
Below - BP Diaz talks to the finalist of the dance contest, all of whom were winners.

Above and Below - After the dance contest it was Yoda class as BP Diaz showed off his ability to keep up with Bronx kids.

There was jump rope above, and then it was on to the stickball competition between the elected officials.
Councilman and City Council Parks Chair Mark Levine gets ready to hit the ball.

Above - State Senator Jamaal Bailey forgot he was in the shadows of Yankee Stadium as you see that he is wearing a Mets hat.
Below - Some of the elected officials provided a nice breeze as they whiffed on their swings. You can see Assemblyman Victor Pichardo swings, and looks where the ball went only to find out it is still in front of him.

Above - Bronx Democratic County Leader Assemblyman Marcos Crespo looks to be in trouble by his swing. Nope he did not hit the broadside of the #2 bus going by in the background. 
Below - Mr. John Desio of the BP's staff warms up the plate as he watches one of his hits go far down the Concourse.

Above - Up to this point Assemblyman Robert Rodriguez had the longest hit as 225 feet. BP Diaz sends this ball 230 feet for the longest hit of the day.
Below - There were several women hitting the ball, but Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark (under the watch of her security detail) sent one for 100 feet.

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