Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Bronx Council for Environmental Quality - Thurs 6/1 Boro Pres Hearing PIER 5 Parkland at 11 AM

  This Thursday June 1st at 11:00am at 851 Grand Concourse on the 9th floor of the Bronx County Court House, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz's office will be holding their required hearing on the EDC proposal to build Housing on Pier 5, property that had been considered Parkland by the community since the building of the Gateway Mall and the New Yankee Stadium.
It will be important that as many people as possible come to testify or send testimony in to the Borough President's Office.  You should be passionate about this cause as this is the only existing piers we have on the Harlem River.  Just like in Manhattan, all this land should be used for recreation and waterfront access for all.  Please reply to me directly if you are able to attend and please talk to your neighbors and friends about testifying or sending in testimony.
This is the first project to be proposed to be built directly on the Harlem River Waterfront and can set the precedence for construction along the entire length of our waterfront, probably beginning with the Lower Concourse Development (LCD).  EDC is also suggesting that the Pier 5 Project, which they have named as Lower Concourse North (although it is not apart of this original rezoning of the Harlem River Waterfront) will be able to utilize part of the $200 Million dollars set aside for LCD to set up utilities that will be shared among to the two locations, thereby cutting down on the funding available for the previous project.
Thursday June 1st 
11:00 am 
851 Grand Concourse
Room 915 on the 9th floor 
Bronx County Court House

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