Thursday, May 18, 2017

Bronx County Democratic Committee Announce Support of Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj for New York City Council

  Today, the Bronx County Democratic Committee gathered at their Eastchester Road headquarters to announce their support for Democrat Assembly member Mark Gjonaj in his campaign for City Council. Elected officials in attendance included Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., Bronx Democratic County Leader Assemblyman, Assembly members Luis Sepulveda, Latoya Joyner, Jeff Dinowitz, Michael Benedetto, and Victor Pichardo, State Senator Jose M. Serrano, current City Council members Vanessa Gibson, and Rafael Salamaca. Several district leaders were also on hand to give their support to 13th Council District hopeful current 80th Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj who is running to replace term-limited Jimmy Vacca.

"Mark Gjonaj has been a powerful fighter for his district and the entire Bronx in the New York State Assembly, and I know he will bring that same passion and energy to the City Council. I am proud to join my colleagues today in support of Mark Gjonaj's campaign for City Council, and I urge my fellow Democrats to support him and his vision for the 13th City Council District," said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr I look forward to working with Mark Gjonaj at City Hall.”

Assemblyman Michael Benedetto who covers the neighboring 82nd Assembly District may have said it best when talking about why he is supporting Mark Gjonaj for the 13th City Council seat. Benedetto said that Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj is doing such a good job in Albany that it makes him (Benedetto) look bad, and he would love to see Mark Gjonaj become the new council member in an a district they both would overlap. 

Everyone one else from Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda to Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson could not top what Assemblyman Benedetto had said, but they also spoke of the terrific job that Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj was doing in Albany, and could do at City Hall.

Assembly member Mark Gjonaj said he was thankful to have the support of his fellow Democrats, Adding that“I am grateful to have the support of so many colleagues. For years, we have worked together for the betterment of The Bronx. The mission has not changed: create more jobs, increase our police force, enhance our neighborhoods, and combat homelessness. I look forward to the opportunity to continuing our work together and representing Bronxites from City Hall,”

Above - Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. tells why he is endorsing Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj for the term-limited 13th City Council seat.
Below - The current Bronx Democratic County Leader Marcos Crespo adds to what Bronx BP Diaz said about endorsing Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj for the 13th City Council seat.

Above - Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda explains why he is endorsing his good friend and fellow assembly member Mark Gjonaj for City Council.
Below - Assemblyman Victor Pichardo tells of the hard work Mark Gjonaj has done in the Assembly. Next to Assemblyman Pichardo is the another Northwest Bronx Assembly member Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz, who is wiping the sweat from his brow. 

Above - Finally Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj with his wife Roberta on one side, and his mother Rosa on the other side thanks all the elected officials present, and those who had to do their jobs and could not make it here for their support, while pledging to improve on the good job that the current 13th City Council member Jimmy Vacca has done.
Below With BP Diaz now on one side and his son Nicholas on the other the cheers continue with some chants of GJONAJ, GJONAJ, GJONAJ.

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