Thursday, May 4, 2017


Defendant Wounded Postal Worker, Robbed Two People of Their Cars at Gunpoint

  Bronx District Attorney Darcel D. Clark announced that a Bronx man has been indicted on 39 counts including Attempted Murder, Assault, Robbery and Criminal Possession of a Weapon stemming from a violent crime spree in the Wakefield section of the Bronx that left a U.S. Postal Service employee grazed by a bullet. 

  District Attorney Clark said, “The defendant allegedly turned the streets of Wakefield into a chaotic, dangerous place as he carjacked two vehicles at gunpoint and fired a shot into a U.S. Postal Service truck, wounding the Postal Service employee. He allegedly fired a shot that ended up in someone’s living room. He now faces charges that, upon conviction, could put him in prison for 25 years to life.” 
  District Attorney Clark said the defendant, Clarence Brooks, 27, of East 229th Drive, was arraigned yesterday, May 2, 2017, before Bronx Supreme Court Justice William Mogulescu. He was continued remanded and is due back in court on July 26, 2017. 

  Brooks was indicted on Attempted Murder first and second degree, Attempted Assault first degree, second and third-degree Assault, three counts of second-degree Menacing, first and second-degree Reckless Endangerment, first-degree Criminal Use of a Firearm, two counts each of second-degree, third-degree and fourth-degree Criminal Possession of a Weapon, Criminal Possession of a Firearm, two counts each of first, second and third-degree Robbery, two counts of fourth-degree Grand Larceny, two counts of Petit Larceny, two counts each of fourth-degree and fifth-degree Criminal Possession of Stolen Property, two counts of third-degree Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle, five counts of fourth-degree Criminal Mischief. 

  According to the investigation, on April 4, 2017, at Carpenter Avenue and East 232nd Street, Brooks allegedly approached the driver in a 2004 Honda Accord and tapped on the glass with a silver firearm, went to the driver’s door and ordered him out and then drove away. A short time later, Brooks allegedly leaned out the driver’s door of the stolen vehicle and fired a bullet at the windshield of a U.S. Postal Service truck. The bullet grazed the worker’s upper right arm. 

  Brooks then allegedly went to a 2017 Nissan Pathfinder, opened the passenger side door and told the driver to drive him, then he entered the vehicle and put a silver gun against her torso. She refused and Brooks ordered her out and drove away in the vehicle.

  Brooks then allegedly caused a collision with another vehicle, and he fired multiple shots through the driver’s window of the Pathfinder and then exited the vehicle, fleeing police officers pursuing him. The shots he fired to break the window struck an adjacent parked vehicle and one went through the window of a first floor apartment, where a man was watching television. He was not injured.

  An indictment is an accusatory instrument and not proof of a defendant’s guilt.

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