Tuesday, May 23, 2017

City Hall in Your Borough

  Today City agencies were made available to the public, as well as the mayor himself in the Rotunda of the Bronx County Building located at 851 Grand Concourse. There were not only Bronc commissioners, but also Citywide commissioners available to talk to and listen to the average citizen. The event lasted from 9 AM to 2 PM when Mayor Bill de Blasio went to various locations in the Bronx. At 12:30 PM the mayor toured Arthur Avenue to visit with Small Businesses. At 5 PM the mayor visited seniors along with Councilman Jimmy Vacca at Villa Barone Manor. Below are some photos of City Hall in your borough.

Above - Not only was Bronx Parks Commissioner Iris Rodriguez on hand, but her boss NYC Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver was on hand also to hear about Bronx parks.
Below - Some of the behind the scene DOT people you don't always see. 

Above - Effie of the NYCEPA (formally DEP) listens to one Bronx resident who had a problem.
Below - A map of the current active CPC sites which are currently under study (in blue) at the City Planning table.  

Above and Below - You can see how each city agency or department had a table with experts in their field to help Bronx residents with any questions.

Above - The Department of Sanitation is well represented by its top supervisor Mr. Terranova.
Below - Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson stands with a few  Bronx police officers on hand including Chief Nikunen.

Above and Below - The mayor and Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. get a few words in. Could it have been about their favorite baseball teams?

Above - The mayor is ready to take on questions from Bronx residents.
Below - The mayor listens to this Bronxite's comments.

Above - This bronx resident shows the mayor what her problem is, as one of the mayor's aids looks on.
Below - Dr. Cary Goodman (of the 161st Street BID) gives Mayor de Blasio a Derek Jeter Mother's Day retirement shirt the 161st Street BID had masw for the Yankee great's retirement celebration on Mother's Day.

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