Tuesday, May 23, 2017

IDC to AQE, WFP: Let’s Call the Roll to See Where Every Dem Stands

  Members of the Independent Democratic Conference challenged Alliance for a Quality Education and the Working Families Party to get all Democrats to sign on to the IDC’s “Call the Roll” pledge which lays out seven key progressive policy issues.

“Above all the IDC prides itself on policy, and we are asking all duly elected Democrats to tell New Yorkers where they stand on key progressive issues. AQE and the WFP should work to make sure every Democrat supports the progressive values they claim to cherish, instead of grandstanding,” said IDC Leader Jeff Klein.

The “Call the Roll,” is scheduled to kick off officially on Wednesday, and has the added goal of  setting the record straight on where all Democratic Senators stand on key progressive issues which include: the Reproductive Health Act, the DREAM Act, GENDA, protecting Title X funding, public campaign finance, single-payer health care and the Contraceptive Care Act.

As part of the "Call the Roll"  media campaign,  pledge letters will be sent to the offices of each Democrat in the house, asking for a pledge from each Democrat in the Senate of support on all seven issues, without exception.  In addition a three-and-half minute video was released on Monday, outlining the IDC's call to arms to all Democrats.

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