Saturday, May 27, 2017


  'City Hall in the Bronx Week' by Mayor Bill de Blasio was a unique way of bringing the Mayor, First Lady, and just about every citywide department head to the Bronx with so many events that involved the mayor and citywide commissioners that are rarely seen here in the Bronx, I was able to cover several events (which are posted in the archive section on the left), but I have to say that to me the best event was the last one of 'City Hall in the Bronx' where Mayor de Blasio ended the week in Riverdale to say a few words at the Riverdale Jewish Center. 

  The mayor not being Jewish faith gave an inspirational speech that was on topic to the targeted audience of Jewish worshipers, but also recognized that without respect of one another there would be no civilization. He spoke of a crowded subway car where people of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds are together packed in a cramped space, but the people all respect each other while the train moves on. It was a very enlightening speech in which another side of Bill de Blasio was seen, a man who loves the city he is running. 

 The photos below are outside of the synagogue after the mayor spoke out of respect. It as a wonderful site to see Mayor de Blasio standing where the Rabbi does, and speaking which I hope not to forget.

Above - As Mayor Bill de Blasio leaves he thanks Auxiliary Police Captain of the 50th Precinct for all the hard work he does for the community.
Below - The mayor was happy to pose with several of the Auxiliary officers who were on hand.  

Above - The local elected officials Congressman Eliot Engel, Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz, and Councilman Andrew Cohen have their photo taken with the mayor. Also in the photo is Sarah Cohen the daughter of Councilman Cohen, and possibly the next council member when her father is term -limited out of office in four years. 
Below - Congressman Engel and Assemblyman Dinowitz must feel real safe standing with the police officers present for the mayor's visit. 

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