Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Bronx: Accomplishments and Investments - MAYOR BILL de BLASIO

Promoting Public Safety

·    Safest Big City in America: Crime down 5% in the Bronx, and NYC just celebrated the safest April in modern recorded history
·   Neighborhood policing: More than half of Bronx’s police precincts – the 40, 44, 43, 46, 42, 48, and 41 commands – benefit from neighborhood policing through the Neighborhood Coordination Officer (NCO) program
·  NYCHA safety: 3,163 CCTV cameras across 43 NYCHA developments throughout the borough

Creating Jobs, Raising Wages
· Largest unemployment drop in the City:Unemployment down 5.5% in the Bronx since the start of the de Blasio Administration –largest drop in any borough
·      Job growth: 4.7% job growth rate
· M/WBEs: Minority and Women-Owned Businesses (M/WBEs) up more than a quarter in the Bronx under the de Blasio administration
·   Small business: Department of Small Business Services has served over 3,800 small businesses in the Bronx under de Blasio administration

Providing a High-Quality Education to All Bronx Students

·   Highest graduation rate increase of any borough:Graduation rates up nearly six percentage points, from 59.1 % to 64.8%
·     3-K for All: 3-K for All launching in School District 7 to provide free, full-day, high-quality early childhood education for every three-year-old. Parents with children born in 2014 can apply at nyc.gov/3K
·    Pre-K for All: 14,280 students enrolled in full-day, high-quality pre-k, up from 4,247 students during the 2013-14 academic year
·    Equity & Excellence for All:
o   Universal Literacy – By next fall, every Bronx district will have reading coaches to ensure all students read on grade level by the end of 2nd grade
o   College Access for All – Every Bronx middle school student will have the opportunity to visit a college campus. 31 high schools in the Bronx are getting new funding, training, and support from a college planning coach to put their students on the path to college
o   AP for All – Dozens of high schools in the Bronx offering new Advanced Placement courses as a part of the administration’s commitment to ensure every high school student has access to at least five AP courses by fall 2021
Expanding Affordable Housing, Supporting 
Public Housing

·   Affordable housing: The administration preserving 10,858 units of affordable housing and constructing 7,583 new affordable units, for a total of 18,441 units across the Bronx
o   169 affordable housing units for low-income and formerly homeless seniors on Boston Road
o   237 new affordable apartments in Crotona Park East/West Farms
o   300 new affordable homes as part of the St. Barnabas Wellness Care Project 
·   NYCHA improvements: $36 million for roof replacements at Parkside Houses and new LED lighting at Castle Hill, Butler, and Patterson Houses

Increasing Quality of Life

·      Street improvements: 240,000 potholes filled and nearly 500 lane miles of roadways repaved in the Bronx
·    Recycling: Bronx residents recycled 248 tons per day of recyclables in 2016, compared to 200 tons per day in 2013.
·    Parks: Investing $285 million through 2019 to renovate to more than 60 community parks

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