Tuesday, June 27, 2017

11th City Council Candidate gets a Boost from Mayoral and Public Advocate Candidates

  Mr. Michael Rendino the Bronx Republican County Leader brought some big names to help show off his Republican candidate for the 11th City Council district in November's General Election. Pictured above Republican County Leader Rendino is between Mayoral candidate Paul Massey (right) and 11th City Council candidate Judah D. Powers on the left.

  While both Powers and Massey may be new to politics they showed off that they each know the problems of the city and the 11th council district. Massey comes from the real estate field, and has been married for 29 years. He spoke about something that seems to be missing that being family values. Massey spoke of some of what is wrong with the current administration from trying to fine small businesses to death to Quality of life issues that have come up in the news recently. Massey, as an expert on housing said that there will be a real housing crisis soon as a good percentage of New York City's housing is nearing the same age as the subway system, that being over 100 years old. 

  Mr. J.C. Polonco a former Board of Elections Commissioner, and political commentator and consultant was more direct in his quest to be the next Public Advocate. Mr. Polonco didn't attack the current Public Advocate like Mr. Massey did to the current mayor, but he stressed that the current Public Advocate has not been doing her job as Public Advocate by not questioning the policies and dealings of the current mayor. The Pay to Play scandal was mentioned with the current Public Advocate doing nothing to be a check on the mayor as the position was made to be. He said that a television Station had to sue for information on the mayor's dealings with certain Agents of the City which the current Public Advocate should have done. 

  Candidate Judah Powers said that more needs to be done for the people of the 11th district, and while not coming out by saying it directly he said that the 11th Council District needs a representative who will look out for them, He was vague on policy, but said that he and people he has spoken with are not happy with the way things are headed in the district.

  Bronx Republican Leader Michael Rendino said that if people want to see better leaders that they should vote for the candidates backed by the Bronx Republican Party, and not just go in tto vote blindly for a slate of candidates they are given. He said that all three candidates at the meeting have been endorsed by the Bronx Republican Party. 

Above - Bronx Republican County Leader Michael Rendino welcomes everyone to meet and hear the candidates of the Bronx Republican Party.
Below - Republican Party Public Advocate candidate J.C. Polonco explains why he is better qualified for the job of Public Advocate than the current Public Advocate. 

  One special note is that this is the same place that the Ben Franklin Democratic Club had their 2014 endorsement meeting to vote to endorse State Senator Jeff Klein for  re-election over one of the Democratic club's founding fathers and former Councilman Oliver Koppell. 

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