Sunday, June 4, 2017

13th City Council Candidate Survey Results

100 PERCENT 13th Council Race Extra

  Yesterday was the East Tremont Avenue Side walk Fair (in the Throggs Neck area), and a perfect place to do a survey of people on the 13th City Council race. Mr. John Marino who withdrew from the council race last week told me that after talking with his campaign consultants he realized that he could not win the September Democratic Primary. Mr. Marano had told me that the voter base in the Throggs Neck area (his stronghold) was not what it was thought to be, and that he did not want to be the deciding factor of taking votes away from a candidate who could of won the race. 
  Below is a survey of 63 people who were at the Sidewalk fair. 13 people said they did not want to take the survey, and 10 people who said they were not registered to vote in the 13th Council district. The remaining 40 people were happy to take my survey of the 13th City Council race. It should be noted that three candidate either were on hand or had a presence on the street, including two candidates who have their offices almost across the street from each other.
 Question # 1- Do you know who your current 13th district councilman is? - 
Results - 23 Yes (57.5%), 17 NO (42.5%).

 Question # 2 - Do you know that your current city council member is term-limited out of office this year?
Results - 29 YES (72.5%), 11 NO (27.5 %)

 Question # 3 - Do you know any of the candidates who are running in the September Democratic Primary?
Results - 22 Yes (55%), 18 NO (45%)

   Question # 4 - Do you have a preference for any candidate?
Results - John Doyle 3 (7,5%), Mark Gjonaj 8 (20%), Marjorie Vasquez 3 (7.5%), John Cerini 8 (20%), not voting 18 (45 %). 

Special notes:
There were 4 people who answered John Marano. When told he had withdrawn from the race and was supporting candidate Mark Gjonaj, 2 said they would vote for Gjonaj, and 2 said they were not voting, which is incorporated in the above results. No other names were given who may be candidates in this race. Mr. John Cerini is running on the Republican line, but has his business 'The Tax Man' on this area of East Tremont Avenue. 

  Question # 5 - What is your party affiliation?
Results - 19 Democratic (47.5%), 8 Republican (20%), 3 Independent (7.5%), and 10 (25%) who would not say. 

  I am inclined to agree with former candidate Mr. John Marano about his base. These few blocks of East Tremont Avenue have changed over the past 10 - 20 years. The Grand Union supermarket is now a CVS drug store, The Fine Fare supermarket has changed names at least three times, and many of the small Mom and Pop stores have been sold or changed into other stores. While the Post Office and McDonald's are still here, one thing I did notice was that there were no empty storefronts.

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