Friday, June 23, 2017


On the steps of City Hall Wednesday, Michael received the endorsement from the Small Business Congress for Bronx City Council District 18. Founded by Sung Soo Kim, called the Godfather of Small Business is the city’s leading authority on small business for three decades and is one of the City’s leading small business advocates. The Congress is comprised of Merchant and Business organizations throughout the City. 

“I am honored by the support of the Small Business Congress,” said Michael Beltzer, Democratic Candidate for Bronx Council District 18 “The work of the Congress has been vital to protecting the hard work of our small business owners, many of whom immigrated to The Bronx to open shops that give our neighborhoods character. I fully support the Small Business Congress’s platform to fight back against greedy landlords and big box stores looking to push small businesses out. I join their call for an Emergency Commercial Eviction Freeze as too many of our owners are on month to month leases. I will work with the Small Business Congress on the City Council to pass the Small Business Jobs Survival Act to ensure our local mom and pops are not being thrown out to the street.”

“I am honored to endorse with enthusiasm the candidacy of Michael Beltzer for Bronx District 18,” said Small Business Congress founder Sung Soo Kim. “Only independent minded candidates like Beltzer have the courage to stand up to big real estate interests and the powerful political machine. Due to commitment to serve his community, Beltzer is the only hope to save our struggling small businesses and jobs. I call upon all Southeast Bronx residents who love their mom and pop businesses and their neighborhoods to stand with Beltzer in this fight to restore democracy in government and take back our communities from real estate speculators and predatory landlords.” 

Michael has experience with the businesses and merchants throughout Bronx Council District 18 as a former Merchant Organizer for The Bronx Chamber of Commerce and through Bronx Community Board 9. Michael looks forward to forging even stronger connections with the owners and shopkeepers along Westchester, Castle Hill, Metropolitan and Soundview Avenues and commits to continuing to organizing our commercial corridors and supporting the existing Merchant Associations in their future successes.

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