Friday, June 30, 2017

Candidates Visit Tracy Towers

  Last night there was a meet the candidates night at the Tracy Towers community room. Over 45 people were on hand to see Democratic Mayoral candidate Sal Albanese and Democratic Bronx Borough President candidate Carmela Price. The two have joined together for the Democratic Primary, while also being the candidates of the Reform Party meaning they both will be on the November ballot either as both the Democratic and Reform Party candidates or just the Reform Party candidates. 
  Bronx Borough President candidate Carmela Price opened the forum, and gave a vision of her Bronx compared to what the current Bronx is. Ms. Price said that she had worked for current Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. (whom she is running against), but that she would not be the one to say negative things about her opponent. She did mention the community board application process, by saying if you didn't agree with the current Borough President your application went into the shredder. She said that she is opposed to Mayoral Control of the public schools, and that she wants to make a change. That is the reason she is running for Bronx Borough President, the fact that she knows what the job of the Borough President is.

  When questions were asked, as to a question about North Central Bronx Hospital downsizing and Montefiore taking over, her answer was why is the current borough president being so silent. To a question about the current Opioid epidemic, she held up a a overdose kit saying that she is trained to treat people who overdose and she wants to stop the epidemic. 

  Mayoral candidate Sal Albanese arrived after getting stuck in traffic which he said that he wants to clear up. It seems that there is to much traffic, and he wants to know why that is. Candidate Albanese brought up several issues about the deBlasio administration which included homelessness, Mayoral Control, lack of enough police, NYCHA, over development, and the aging subway system to name some. His solutions, Homelessness - move those out of the motels and into decent housing, Mayoral Control - end it and give more control to the community rather than all the power in the hands of the mayor, Police - look at what the police force is doing, and hire more officers if needed, NYCHA - do not sell the public areas in and around the houses for private development, Over development - rip up the zoning rules that the current mayor made so buildings can be built higher and on top of each other, The subway system - find out what really needs fixing and partner with the state to fix it.

  It is going to be a hard uphill battle for both Mayoral candidate Sal Albanese and Bronx Borough President candidate Carmela Price. First they have to get well over the required number pf signatures, and then their petitions have to be able to survive challenges that are sure to be filed. Both however are very optimistic about their respective races, but how many votes can optimism get you?

Above - Mayoral candidate Sal Albanese.
Below Bronx Borough President candidate Carmela Price.

Ms. Jean Hill the President of the Tracy Towers Tenants Association stands between Mayoral candidate Sal Albanese, and Bronx Borough President candidate Carmella Price. Ms. Hill said that there will be other candidates forums with candidates invited who represent or want to represent the community.

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