Saturday, June 17, 2017

Councilman King Shows Up At the 47th Precinct With a Big Check

  No the commanding officer of the 47th Precinct didn't win the lottery, but he did get a check for one million dollars to help fix up his old precinct house. By the way the NYC Police Commissioner James P. O'Neill was also on hand to watch Councilman King put his John Hancock on the million dollar check and answer a few questions later on.

Above - Some of the new NCO's at the 47th Pct. were on hand.
Below - NYPD Commissioner O'Neill tells of some of the programs that are being instituted around the city by the NYPD. 

Above - Councilman King looks at the new NCO officers to his right, and says a few words about the excellent job that the 47th precinct commander (far left from the councilman), and Bronx Borough Commander (next to the 47th Pct. commander) are doing with the resources they have.
Below - Councilman King signs a check for One Million dollars to the 47th precinct for renovations and upgrades to the precinct house as the police commissioner and 47th Pct. commander hold the check.

Above - The check is held is held by the police department brass while they Councilman King on one side , and State Senator Jamal Bailey on the other side who are working hard to bring much needed resources to the community.
Below - NYPD Commissioner O'Neill answered questions from reporters covering the event. To my question of lack of police enforcement on the streets to stop hazardous drivers, the commissioner responded by saying that the department has changed over the years, crime is at its lowest point in many many years, and police officers have been assigned to details such as anti-terrorism. 

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