Thursday, June 8, 2017

News From Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz

Dinowitz Urges Transit Revolution from Albany Following Latest Disas
Reiterates call on Cuomo to reinstate $65 million cuts to MTA operating budget

   Yesterday's F train nightmare was just one more reminder that we're operating on borrowed time. Those trapped commuters may have escaped unharmed, but what about the next disaster?

I have repeatedly called on Governor Cuomo to reinstate the $65 million in operating funds he and the MTA decided to cut. We are facing a major transit emergency that could put lives at risk and jeopardize the city's long term economic growth. We need to move beyond the empty rhetoric, cosmetic solutions and budget cuts. What we need is nothing short of a full blown revolution in how New York provides public transportation to 8.5 million people. Our city lives and dies by its buses and subway. It's time Governor Cuomo and the MTA step and give New York the transit system we deserve.

Assemblyman Dinowitz Applauds Kingsbridge Armory’s Long Awaited Release From Limbo

Mayor de Blasio recently announced that the Economic Development Corporation (EDC) will finally release the Armory’s lease to the Kingsbridge National Ice Center LLC (KNIC) once the $108 million loan earmarked for the Armory in the state budget is formalized.

The proposed project, to convert the armory into a massive multi-ice rink complex, stalled after the city placed the armory lease in escrow until KNIC was able to secure funding for the project. In turn, KNIC claimed not holding the lease diminished their chances of successfully securing investment in the project and essentially placed the project on hold.

The project seemed destined to remain in limbo until state leaders including Assemblyman Dinowitz broke project out of limbo by granting the project $108 million loan in the state budget and giving KNIC the push it so desperately needed to get off the ground, secure the lease from the city, and begin development of the project.

Dinowitz was one of the first and most prominent supporters of the plan to develop the Kingsbridge Armory into a community center or sports facility voicing his support in 2011 to the Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation, urging support for it when the ice skating project was still being contemplated among a number of other proposals.

“I have long believed that the Kingsbridge Armory should be used for the people of the Bronx and I am pleased that this project will finally proceed so that the Bronx can benefit. Having grown up just blocks from the Armory I am very familiar with its amazing potential. The Kingsbridge Armory is the largest in the world and the KNIC will be the largest ever ice rink complex. It will  greatly benefit people all over the Bronx as it can provide recreational and educational opportunities for thousands and thousands of Bronx residents and those beyond our borough. It also has the potential to create new businesses, particularly along Kingsbridge Road, that will bring provide many good to the community. I look forward to this project becoming a reality and to the positive impact it will have on Kingsbridge Heights, the Bronx and beyond,” said Assemblyman Dinowitz

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