Monday, June 5, 2017

Elvin Garcia - We need your help now more than ever

First, thank you to all who attended our Campaign Office Party yesterday. The amazing diverse turnout of people-power speaks for itself -- where over 50% of the turnout were #Women4Elvin:

Lets now use our grassroots support to help us get on the ballot:

Tomorrow is the first day of petitioning, and we need your help to reach as many people as possible to sign our petitions. Can we count on you?

It's important to note as we start petitioning that people must only sign petitions for ONE candidate (Elvin Garcia) in order for them to be valid -- so we have to work hard to get as many petitions as possible starting tomorrow.
This campaign has run entirely on grassroots people-power --- people just like you. Because of your support we have:
  • Opened the our campaign office --- ahead anyone else running in this race.
  • Collected over 570 individual contributions --- more than anyone else in this race.
  • Built the most diverse coalition of neighborhood mayors --- independent of ANY elected official. 

We've already proven we can run an independent campaign with no hand-holding from special interests. The next step is the get on the ballot.

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