Monday, June 5, 2017

newyorkersformarkgjonaj Can’t wait to petition for your next City Councilman?

Of course you can’t!
I know it and I love you for it.
I hope you’ll come out and get involved in our petitioning process this year. We’ve got thousands of signatures to gather and only about a month to do it!

Petitioning Kick-off
Wednesday, June 7
7:30 pm 
New Yorkers for Mark Gjonaj Headquarters
2018 Williamsbridge Rd.
Bronx, NY
 Light refreshments will be served.
Petitioning is one of those things I just can’t do without you and really shows the strength of support we have in the community. I hope I can count on you to join us and be part of our team.
Thank you and I’ll hope to see you Wednesday                          

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