Friday, June 2, 2017

Statement from NYC Comptroller Scott M. Stringer on Mayoral Control

 Comptroller Stringer released the following statement on mayoral control reauthorization:

  “Our kids should be above politics. Their futures can’t be treated as pawns in a political game. And the largest school system in the nation shouldn’t be used as legislative leverage. That’s why Albany must immediately reauthorize mayoral control. The question is whether it’s the right thing or wrong thing to do, and there is no doubt that extending mayoral control is to everyone’s benefit.

“I can assure Albany of two things. First, we are doing everything we can to watch the dollars and cents and hold the DOE accountable. Second, going back in time to a pre-mayoral control system would be disastrous. Our kids would lose out and our schools would be in chaos.”
  As a former parent leader all the way to the Chancellor's Parent Advisory Council when former U.S. Prosecutor Joel Klein had to get a waiver to become chancellor of the NYC public school system, and Mayoral Control was instituted I beg to differ with City Comptroller Scott Stringer.
Comptroller Stringer - Parents watched as games were played by then Mayor Bloomberg to prop up test scores by holding back to many poor performing third-grade children so that the next fourth-grade NY State exams the first year of Mayoral Control would show improvement. 
What were the Average Yearly Progression goals set by the New York State Department of Education the first year of Mayoral Control, and why was New York City given a waiver in meeting those targeted goals? In fact many if not a majority of all New York City public schools have not be able to meet their AYP goals, and many have never met the first targeted AYP goals from the first year of Mayoral Control. 
No, City Comptroller you can not assure Albany leaders that you are holding the NYCDOE accountable with a system of non-disclosure no bid contracts that are lumped together for mayoral appointees to vote yes or be replaced on the Panel For Educational Policy as we have seen under Mayor Bloomberg. 
Mayoral Control needs to end, and control of the public school system needs to be returned to the community as in the rest of New York State.

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