Saturday, July 22, 2017

5th Annual International Music Festival in Loreto Park

  There were many events today, but as I have in previous years I went to the 5th Annual International Music Festival in Loreto Park on Morris Park Avenue in the Morris Park area. This event was billed as a three elected official event, and rather than go to other events Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj stayed during the entire time this event went on. 
  As is every year traditional Albanian dancers from Rozafati Dance were on hand, along with Ms. Donna Williams who did an excellent impersonation of Nancy Sinatra including the high boots, and many other singers and dancers which included Mindbuilders and Tamicia Dancers. 

  While Assemblyman Gjonaj is running for the term limited 13th City Council seat none of his opponents in the Democratic primary showed up as the high temperature probably kept some of the crowd at home in their air conditioned rooms or at the beach. photos of the event are below.

Above - Assemblyman Michael Benedetto was on hand during the setting up and opening of the event.
Below - Assemblyman Gjonaj smiles as mom and her baby return the smiles. 

Above - It never hurts to have your picture taken with some happy children.
Below - the local talent began.

Above and Below - Ms. Donna Williams does her Nancy Sinatra impersonation, complete with the High Stepping Boots Made For Walking.

Above - Ms. Williams even got a few ladies to join in and dance with her on this very hot afternoon.
Below - It was time for the Rozafati Dancers now in full traditional Albanian dress.

Above and Below - Some more photos of the traditional Albanian dance.

The entire dance team with their instructor in the middle.


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