Thursday, July 13, 2017

Mayor de Blasio Holds Town Hall Meeting in 14th Council District

  Only a few days after and a couple of blocks away from where  a police officer was killed Mayor Bill de Blasio and Councilman Fernando Cabrera held a Town Hall meeting. This Town Hall had been scheduled a week before the police officer was killed, and the school gym was packed with concerned area residents.

  As you will see in the photos below there was a wide range of questions asked of the mayor, who set the tone by asking for a moment of silence when the town hall meeting began. On hand besides Councilman Cabrera was Bronc DA Darcel Clark, and Assemblyman Victor Pichardo. It also seemed that there were many less city agency heads at this town hall meeting since the mayor himself answered questions rather than having the agency head stand up to answer the question.

  The mayor spoke for about 15 minutes on his new Rat Fix Program targeting the Rat Population in three of the worse areas that are infested with rats, including an area of the Grand Concourse. The mayor also spoke on several other topics such as how much better he thought public schools are under Mayoral Control, how he has brought Affordable Housing, and other topics.

  When asked about the lack of after school programs for middle school students, the mayor responded that every student gets after school programs, then he said that he wants every middle school student to get after school programs, then he said most middle school students get after school programs.

Above - The mayor waits to be announced.
Below - The mayor waves as he enters the gym for the Town Hall meeting.

Above - Councilman Cabrera told of how the mayor was doing a great job, and how the City Council works with the mayor.
Below - During his opening Mayor de Blasio recognizes  the lone two other elected officials in the room Bronx DA Darcel Clark and Assemblyman Victor Pichardo.

Above - The questions began, but like other mayoral town hall meetings the questions were non controversial.
Below - It was the mayor who called on people while Councilman Cabrera was silent most of the night.

Above - A woman asks a question as to why there are so many homeless shelters in the 14th council district.
Below - The mayor responds by saying that he wants to keep people in the neighborhoods they came from rather than scatter the homeless across the city. 

Above - A parent coordinator asks about the lack of after school programs for middle school students. 
Below - A community activist asks the mayor about the fate of the Kingsbridge Armory. 

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