Saturday, July 8, 2017


   Mayor Bill de Blasio and the NYPD announced the Administration will invest an additional $1.3 million towards the installation of bullet-resistant door panels, window inserts, and other retrofits for all NYPD command vehicles used by uniformed personnel in order to improve officer safety.

“Together, as we mourn the loss of Officer Familia, we are reminded of our sense of community and that the safety of our men and women in blue who patrol our City every day to protect the lives of New Yorkers is paramount,” said Mayor de Blasio. “The investment builds on this Administration’s previous commitment towards outfitting NYPD patrol vehicles with safety measures that allow our officers to do their jobs, and it is fundamental that we continue to identify ways to keep them safe.”

“My goal as the Police Commissioner is to do whatever I can to protect and equip our police officers,” said NYPD Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill. “This added ballistic protection will do just that. As we learn more from the senseless murder of Police Officer Familia, we will continue to look at any additional measures the Department can take to protect those who protect us.” 

The front windshields of the command vehicles will not be outfitted, as current technology does not accommodate the curvature of the front windshields. This project will be funded by a combination of City Tax Levy funds and asset forfeiture funds. 

Following the tragic deaths of two NYPD officers in late 2014, the City allocated $6.8 million to outfit the NYPD’s 3,813 patrol cars with bullet-resistant panels to protect the doors. To date 2,100 vehicles have been installed with bullet-resistant door panels and the City is on track to have bullet-resistant door panels installed in every patrol vehicle by end of 2017.

After an initial bullet-resistant window pilot program, additional funding of $10.4 million dollars was allocated for the installation of bullet-resistant window inserts for patrol vehicles. The first 500 NYPD patrol car bullet-resistant window insert installations are expected to be completed this month.

“The New York City Council is committed to supporting the courageous men and women tasked with protecting this city and keeping our communities safe,” said Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito. “This $1.3 million for NYPD bullet resistant windows is a worthwhile investment that will protect the city’s Finest and help prevent future tragedies that have tragically and senselessly took the lives of those in uniform.”

“We must take every precaution to keep our NYPD officers safe as they work to protect and serve our communities. In the wake of the tragic death of Officer Miosotis Familia, it has become clear that we can and must do more to safeguard the men and women of the NYPD. I thank Mayor de Blasio for taking swift action and immediately deepening the City’s investment in bullet resistant windows by expanding the program to include mobile command centers. I hope it is some comfort to the family and friends of Officer Familia that her legacy will serve to provide greater protection to her fellow officers as New Yorkers continue to keep them in their thoughts and prayers,” said Council Member Vanessa Gibson, Chair of the Council Committee on Public Safety.

“The senseless assassination of Police Officer Miosotis Familia left our city in mourning and reminded us all of the dangers faced by the NYPD. Those who dedicate their lives to serving us and protecting us from harm deserve the best protections on the job to keep them safe. Funding to shield command vehicles with bullet-resistant technology will not bring back Officer Familia, but it is my hope that it will prevent another family, the NYPD and this city from grieving the loss of any officer who could be targeted while on duty. I applaud Mayor de Blasio for prioritizing this initiative to protect our officers," said State Senator Jeff Klein.

"As we continue to mourn the untimely and senseless death of Officer Familia, I commend the concrete and swift steps taken by our City's administration in order to avoid a similar tragedy from happening again,"said State Senator Gustavo Rivera. "By investing $1.3 million in retrofitting these 72 command vehicles, our City is showing its commitment to protect the lives of the more than 30,000 men and women of the New York City Police Department that courageously safeguard our neighborhoods."

“Officer Familia was a hero who gave her life protecting all of us. Her legacy is one that we should all be proud of. While this tragedy is incomprehensible, it is my hope that we will do everything in our power to prevent a similar tragedy occurring. I am pleased that Mayor de Blasio is taking action by providing additional funding to make NYPD vehicles bullet resistant. None of us ever want to see another officer lose his or her life in the line of duty,” said Assembly Member Jeffrey Dinowitz.

"I strongly support the installation of bullet-resistant paneling in NYPD vehicles.  I have co-sponsored legislation requiring bullet-resistant windows in patrol cars and while this is in process, we must go further in protecting police officers as the gunning down of Officer Miosotis Familia this week demonstrates.  We must take the next step to protect our peace officers and make command center vehicles safe.  As the Co-Chair of the New York City Council Gun Violence Task Force, I know that ending gun violence in our city requires various remedies.  Protecting the lives of our public safety officers is a top priority in the process," said Council Member Fernando Cabrera.


Normally elected official comments are edited out. Elected officials who do not represent the Bronx have been edited out though. 

I wanted you to see what some Bronx elected officials had to say. Mind you bullet resistant glass was placed into police cars after police officers were shot and killed while sitting in their patrol cars.

Why was this not done for Command Vehicles also? Ask you elected official.

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