Monday, July 31, 2017


  Bronx residents opposed to the opening of an apparent transitional housing for the homeless that was initially promoted as a “market rate” apartment building for middle-income working families rallied with NYC Council Member Andy King, outside the building at 3677 White Plains Road, Bronx, to demand that the City and the developer, the Stagg Group, return to the original plan as stated in 2015 by developer Mark Stagg. Councilman King wants to know how this building was turned into a homeless shelter rather than market rate housing much like the old 'bait and switch' unscrupulous business people do. Councilman King said that he grew up one block away from this site, and owes it to the people of his council district to find out how this happened and to try to get middle class working people into this building.
  Two candidates for the 12th council district were on hand to speak about a similar fear of a building Stagg Developers built on Pelham Parkway. Also on hand were some Kingsbridge residents living near another building in Community Board 8 where Stagg Developers Vice-President Adolfo Carrion has made a verbal deal with Praxis to house transitional homeless people. Praxis also runs a halfway house further up on White Plains Road for HIV-AIDS transition people. It would seem that Praxis would not be able to have two locations so close to each other, thus the reason for the Kingsbridge site.

Above and Below - Councilman Andy King talks about speaking with the developer of 3677 White Plains Road Mark Stagg, who said that this building would be market rate housing. Councilman King wants to know what happened to the working people who were suppose to occupy 3677 White Plains Road, and how Arcadia Corp (a South Bronx scatter site homeless provider) is using the building as a homeless shelter.

Above - Mr. Mohamet Mbaye of the Williamsbridge NAACP tells of what bad deeds the current residents of 3677 are doing to the community. 
Below - Candidates for the 12th council district, John Doyle (L), and Egidio Sementelli (R) talk about a similar building built by Stagg Developers on Pelham Parkway with the fears of that community that the Pelham Parkway building will also turn into a homeless shelter.

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