Saturday, July 8, 2017

The New Bronx Democrats

  They are getting involved, they are tired of listening to the politicians, they want to make a difference for their children, who are they? The New Bronx Democrats as their Facebook page says.

 They are led by Sheikh Musa Drammeh, and they are tired of seeing their families torn apart by gang violence. They have joined with law enforcement as Community officer from the 43rd Precinct were on hand at yesterday's come together. They know who the gang members are said member (Hip Hop star) K Born Rivers, 'We know who the gang members are, and we want to end gang violence on each other and the community. A representative of the Jewish Defence League was on hand to show support to this mainly Muslim organization which has realized that peace is the way to make things better for everyone.That is why they are known as 'Peace December' 

  As I sat through the hour long press conference watching and listening to some of the people I was covering, I could see the caring for the community. Their goal of harmony among all people has a long way to go , but they are taking one day at a time. Check out the New Bronx Democrats Facebook page to see some items that are listed. I hope to cover some of my new friends, and some of my old friends on an ongoing basis. Photos of the event are below.

Above - Sheikh Musa Drammeh opens the event by welcoming everyone in attendance, and saying a few words about the organization and their goals.
Below - Muhammad Abuhaikal a candidate in the 13th City Council Democratic primary speaks of his involvement in Peace December, and why he is running for public office.

Above- Hip Hop star K Boen Rivers tells of how gang violence is hurting everyone, but mostly the communities in the South Bronx where Muslim immigrants are trying to make a good life here in New York City. He added that he knows all the gang members, and he wants to help stop the violence.
Below - A representative of the Jewish Defence League speaks to the attendees. Seated at the table is Ms. Nathalia Fernandez who is the representative to the Bronx for Governor Andrew Cuomo..

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