Wednesday, August 2, 2017

49th Precinct National Night Out

  The commanding officer of the 49th Precinct Captain Alps welcomes the large crowd to the 49th Precinct National Night Out. This had been held in previous years on the northern island of Pelham Parkway but was moved to Bronx Park East at Boston Road and Lydig Avenue. As usual everyone had a good time, and the candidates for the 13th Council District seat were also on hand. 

Above - State Senator Jeff Klein told those in attendance the wonderful job that the NYPD does, and that the officers try their hardest to keep the neighborhood safe.
Below - Senator Klein brought up his SUV (Stamp oUt Violence crew) that has been going around the district talking to those who are bent on violence to try to change their minds as they have changed,

Above - Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark was in hand to add to the hard work that the NYPD does.
Below - Councilman Ritchie Torres was in the house.

Above - Councilman Andy King joined Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj and Senator Klein.
Below - Assemblyman Gjonaj gave out his trademarked Yellow whistles while the ice cream give away reminded me of a past council race.

Above - 13th City Council Candidate Marjorie Velazquez was on hand also, as were candidates John Doyle and Egidio Sementilli.
Below - A proud dad with his two daughters, and not a candidate for the 13th city council.

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