Friday, October 6, 2017

Mayoral Town Hall Meeting at IS 254

  It wasn't any different from the other Bronx town hall meetings that Mayor Bill de Blasio has had here in the Bronx. Councilman Ritchie Torres was the co-host of this town hall meeting in his 15th city council district at IS 254. Above the mayor waits to be introduced, and the only other elected officials in the room with Councilman Torres were State Senator Gustavo Rivera and Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark.  

Above - Bronx DA Darcel Clark thanks the mayor for the funding that is needed to run the DA's office, and his plan to close Riker's Island.
Below - State Senator Gustavo Rivera points out some current city legislation that is directly connected to legislation that he and others in the State Senate are trying to get passed into law, but are having a few problems getting the needed number of votes to pass said legislation in the State Senate.

Councilman Torres spoke about the relationship he has forged with the mayor to help not only his district, but many other people who live in NYCHA house of which Councilman Torres is the chair of Public Housing Committee in the city council.
Below - As usual Mayor de Blasio is given cue cards to read from so he can say positive things about the council member and the council district he is in. You can see the mayor reading off of one of said cue cards to announce NYCHA improvements to one housing complex in Councilman Torres's district.

Above - The first question of this town hall meeting went to Van Nest Neighborhood Alliance President Bernadette Ferrara, as she is recognized by Councilman Torres, who chose the speakers.  
Below - Mayor de Blasio listens intently to what Ms. Ferrara has to say about the quality of life issues in the Van Nest neighborhood. 

The town hall meeting began about 7:30 PM and lasted past 10 PM as Mayor de Blasio took as many questions on as many topics from education to community policing. You can see the precinct commanders from all Bronx precincts and Bronx Borough Command Inspectors were on hand to answer any questions relating to police matters. also on hand were Borough agency heads, and even several citywide commissioners.

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