Thursday, April 26, 2018

Ben Franklin Democratic Club Endorses State Senator Jeff Klein

  At a well attended meeting last night the Ben Franklin Democratic  Club held the second of its 'Endorsement Meetings'. At the first meeting the club made its endorsements for the 81st Assembly District endorsing all the incumbent members for the positions of Assembly, District Leaders, and State Committee members. This second meeting was for the State Senate, Governor, and Lieutenant Governor positions. 

  While there may have been only one candidate for certain positions that showed up or sent a representative on their behalf, the ballot also had a box marked 'No Endorsement'.

 For Governor the club voted 101 for incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo, 27 for Cynthia Nixon, and 18 for No Endorsement, 6 ballots ruled invalid, and 1 write in vote, totaling 151 votes.

 For Lieutenant Governor the club voted 85 in favor of incumbent Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul, 40 in favor of current Councilman Jumaane Williams, 9 for no endorsement,16 ballots were ruled invalid, and one write in vote, totaling 151 votes. 

 In the 33rd and 36th State Senate districts, incumbent 33rd State Senator Gustavo Rivera and incumbent 36th State Senator Jamaal Bailey were endorsed by the club.

 For the 34th State Senate, there was a heated but civil candidate statement session, question and answer session, and an even more civil personal endorsement by club members of both the incumbent and challenger. After all the votes were counted the club voted 106 in favor of incumbent 34th State Senator Jeff Klein, 43 in favor of  Alessandra Biaggi, and 2 in favor of No Endorsement.
Photos of the club meeting are below.

Above - Lieutenant Governor candidate Jumaane Williams addresses the Ben Franklin club on his position.
Below - 34th State Senate candidate Alessandra Biaggi explains why the club should endorse her.

Above- State Senator Jeff Klein Speaks to the club as to why they should endorse him.
Below - (L-R) Ben Franklin Vice Chair Bruce Feld, Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, Senator Jeff Klein, Female District Leader Randi Martos, Councilman Andrew Cohen, and Male District Leader Eric Dinowitz.

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