Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Cynthia Nixon Proves She Can't Be Scared Into Backing Down

On Long Island, Cynthia says New York Democrats deserve to have at least one actual Democrat running for governor at their state convention

  Democratic candidate for governor Cynthia Nixon visited Long Island today to speak directly with state committee members, proving she can’t be scared out of the room.
“Cuomo’s folks use every acting pun they can find to paint Cynthia as unqualified but she went into the lion’s den today and more than held her own.” said spokesperson Lauren Hitt. “She spoke with press for 20 minutes at the Hempstead station and did interviews at multiple points throughout the convention. She walked into many pro-Cuomo rooms and introduced herself to delegates and talked about real issues. Cuomo, on the other hand, was completely ham handed. Everyone expected it to be the Cuomo show but making even the opening prayer be about you!? Come on.”
Cynthia started the morning at an LIRR stop, before speaking to the Progressive Caucus. She was later nominated by Janice Warner and Zakiyah Ansari, as well as Councilman Carlos Menchaca.
Alliance for Quality Education Advocacy Director Zakiyah Ansari opened the nomination: “Governor Cuomo says we spend more money than we ever have before on education. That is a meaningless statistic because I spend more on a gallon of milk than I ever did before. The reality is that under Andrew Cuomo when you factor in inflation school aid has only increased by 1.2% per year over the past 8 years.  No wonder we have so many schools all over the state with 26, 30 or even 35 students in a classroom. No wonder we have school counsellors serving as many as 700 students. No wonder some schools offer dozens of college level courses while many of our children are fortunate to have a few.”
“I’ve known Cynthia Nixon for over a decade,” she continued. “Everyone knows Cynthia is a champion for our public schools and I can tell you why. She fights for our public schools because she’s a mother who not only cares for her children’s education but about the children of NYS.”
Janice Warner, Cynthia’s high school teacher followed to second the nomination saying, “I’ve known Cynthia for 36 years. And so much hasn’t changed. She’s still a fine person. She’s thoughtful, focused, and well-researched. And unfortunately for Governor Cuomo, she’s not easily intimidated.”
Lastly, NYC Council Member Carlos Menchaca closed: “I believe in Cynthia Nixon. I believe her when she says she will work with all of us to stand up and fight Washington and truly protect all New Yorkers: Drivers Licenses for All, the Dream Act, campaign finance reform, the decriminalization of Marijuana and speaking of weed, finally remove IDC from existence.
It’s not enough to just be better than Trump. Cynthia offers a new vision of how things COULD be: transparent and collaborative. If we want to see our changes, we will need to change the leadership at the very top, to allow us to grow from the bottom up.”

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