Monday, June 11, 2018

Councilman Ruben Diaz Sr. Abraza Puerto Rico

  Last Thursday over 500 people crowded into Maestros Caterers for the Annual Diaz Abraza Puerto Rico. I want to say this was a community event, and even Councilman Ruben Diaz Sr. told me "NO politics here", when I asked him to have the current Bronx Democratic County Assemblyman Marcos Crespo apologize to me for the profanity he hurled t me during his selected candidate's coming out. 

  As you will see from the photos below that Governor Andrew Cuomo came in to thank Bronxites and the National Guard for their roles in the New York relief effort after Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico. But there was also poulticing going as the  Female District Leader and son of the former assemblyman led the county leaders selected choice around trying to introduce her to people who just wanted to enjoy the party. 

  While the county leadership is now saying that it is time for woman to be elected, the one female assembly member was not seated up on the stage with the men, but instead seated at a table in the audience. One of the male elected officials said at least she was seated in the front of the audience. The photos will tell the rest of the story.

Above - A visibly upset Female District Leader Julia Rodriguez was told to go with the former assemblyman's son (left in the white shirt and jeans with his hand up) and introduce Democratic County Leader Crespo's candidate to replace Luis Sepulveda in the assembly. 
Below - Former Army Sergeant and community activist John Perez is seated with the current State Committee woman Barbara Brown. Sergeant Perez is running for the currently vacant 87th Assembly seat with Ms. Brown who is seeking re-election on a petition against the county slate. There was also a third candidate who announced for the vacant assembly seat at the event. 

Above - Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez was one of the honorees as the Ruben Dia Jr. for Mayor campaign seeks to expand outside of the Bronx.
Below - It was Governor Andrew Cuomo who arrived to steal the show. 

Above - The governor even tried on the famous Ruben Diaz Sr. cowboy hat.
Below - The governor was given an honorary shirt with the number 56 on it to symbolize him being the 56th governor of New York.

Governor Cuomo posed for a photo with current members of Team Diaz.

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