Friday, June 15, 2018

Cynthia Says It's Time for Free College for Dreamers

On DACA Anniversary, Cynthia Says it's Time for Free College for Dreamers

  This week, Cynthia Nixon unveiled her education plan, which included a College for All New York. Cynthia's free college plan will not carry any of the prohibitive restrictions of the Governor's Excelsior Scholarship. It will open up free tuition to more than seven times as many New York students as are currently being served. Cuomo's plan currently only serves 3.6 percent of CUNY/ SUNY students. And while Cuomo’s Excelsior Scholarship denied free tuition to DREAMers and other immigrant New Yorkers, Cynthia will make them eligible.

"Dreamers are New Yorkers. And while our federal government attacks them, it is more important than ever that our state embrace them and provide them the say opportunities as every other person who calls this state home," said Cynthia.

Cynthia has also repeatedly called for the passage of the NY Dream Act, which would further open the doors to higher education for Dreamers.  Undocumented young people cannot currently access state financial aid through the Tuition Assistance Program.

"Just this year, New Jersey and Connecticut passed their versions of the Dream Act. But what about New York? Nothing. That’s a devastating reality. And it’s the responsibility of Andrew Cuomo, who has led the state for more than seven years without lifting a finger in this critical fight," said Cynthia.

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