Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Yemeni Business Owners Donate Five-Thousand Dollars to Anti-Gang Violence Measures

  Over 60 Yemeni business owners, and concerned neighborhood citizens joined Sheikh Musa Drammeh the CEO of the Parkchester Times, and 'TINY' Frampton CEO of TBS, NEW DIRECTIONS to announce a $5,000 contribution to fight the rise in gang violence in the Castle Hill/Parkchester area. 

  Mr. Drammah said that Yemeni businessmen had their own American dream of a better life for themselves and their families. They had to open or buy stores in areas where no one wanted to do business because of the high gang violence rate. These business owners were not a part of the community because they were seen as outsiders to community residents, and often let small crimes go unreported for one reason or another. 

  Mr. Drammah said that the Yemeni business owners now want to become part of the community they have their business in, and have joined with Mr. Drammah and Mr. Frampton to raise $25,000.00 to do their part to help reduce crime in the communities they own businesses and live. Mr. Drammah said that the Yemeni business owners have given him and Mr. Frampton a start of $5,000.00 to begin a three point program to save area children from gang violence. 

  Mr. Frampton better know as 'TINY' is an ex gang member is the CEO of TBS New Directions a program to help talk to and teach children why they should not join or how to leave from a gang. There are three goals to this program in the Castle Hill/Parkchester area.
1 - Raise a minimum of $25,000.00 of which $5,000.00 has been already donated by the local Yemeni business owners.
2 - Boxes will be placed in stores so area resident and visitors can contribute to this cause to save the children.
3 - Each participating business will receive two stickers. One sticker will be placed on the door or window, and the other will be placed inside to let people know that this business is a part of the program to save children and the neighborhood from gang violence. The sticker will also show the community that the business owner cares and wants to become a full time member of the community. There will be links to a 24 hour Help Resource line also on the sticker. 

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