Saturday, August 4, 2018

Primary Update Saturday August 4th

  Since cameras were not allowed in the courtroom I must repeat the photo of election lawyer Stanley Schlein talking to another election lawyer about billing the client by the hour. 

 So what happened on Friday?

 There was a question of current 84th A.D. District Leader withdrawing from the Assembly race for the 84th A.D. Mr. Israel Martinez claimed that the letter of withdrawal was a fraud, and that he had not withdrawn as a candidate for the 84th assembly. That matter was moved to Monday. 

 In the case of the challenge to the petition of Amanda Septimo, the challenge was withdrawn. That leaves candidate Amanda Septimo on the ballot for the September 13th primary in the 84th A.D.

 Counselor Anthony Grimaldi who was absent from court on Thursday arrived Friday morning to represent his clients Elliot Quinones and Pamela Stewart-Martinez. Mr Quinones is challenging incumbent Assemblyman Marcos Creespo, and Ms. Stewart-Martinez is challenging incumbent State Senator Luis Sepulveda. Word is that both matters will be closed out on Monday.

 As for the court challenge to the petition of Karines Reyes in the 87th Assembly District, there was an agreement after evidence of fraud on the Karines Reyes petition was admitted into the record by the court appointed referee. Sergeant John Perez (running for the vacant 87th Assembly seat) withdrew his challenge after the acceptance of evidence of fraud on the Karines Reyes petition. Candidate Sergeant John Perez said he wants to bring the community together after the triple homicide in Castle Hill, and the loss of a very dear friend who he grew up with Ms. Geraldine Lamb.   

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