Saturday, October 13, 2018


  James McGovern, who I appointed to conduct an independent investigation of whistleblower claims by Anastasia Coleman and Daniel Schlachet, has informed me that he has substantiated their claims. He recommended and determined the following: (1) That they be restored to their prior employment and provided with back pay; (2) I exceeded my authority by integrating the office of the Special Commissioner of Investigation within the Department of Investigation and that all actions in that regard should be reversed; (3) I erred in my conduct and should be disciplined in the form of a letter of apology. I will accept and follow Mr. McGovern’s recommendations. 

 Accepting oversight, even when you are the subject of that oversight, is critical for good government. Now that this process is complete, I look forward to continuing the systemic and important oversight work of DOI, the City’s Inspector General.

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