Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Former Commanding Officer of the 50th Precinct says Good-Bye to Community Board 8

  Former 50th Precinct commanding officer Deputy Inspector Terrence O'Toole (L) now Chief O'Toole, and new 50th Precinct commanding officer Captain Emilio Melendez were at Tuesday night's Community Board 8 monthly general board meeting. Chief O'Toole had been the commanding officer at the 50th precinct for three and a half years. Chief O'Toole said his good-byes, and introduced his replacement Captain Melendez. Captain Melendez then took over right where Chief O'Toole had left off.

  This was a very smooth and one of the quickest board meeting for CB8, but the chair of the board Ms. Rosemary Ginty took offence with the local newspaper the Riverdale Press for a very unkind article, and several requests of Freedom of Information Requests (FOIL), which she said were uncalled for. She added that CB 8 and her have nothing to hide, and the FOIL requests will be handled by the District Manager of CB 8 in a timely manner. 

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