Thursday, January 24, 2019

Democratic Socialist Nomiki Konst, on NYC Public Advocate Ballot on ‘Pay Folks More’ Party Line, Champions $30 Minimum Wage for NYC

Nomiki Konst for Public Advocate

The policy would go into effect for city workers and businesses of 75 or more
Today, Democratic Socialist activist Nomiki Konst qualified as a candidate for New York City Public Advocate on the Pay Folks More Party line and immediately announced her official support for a $30 minimum wage. Konst proposed an immediate implementation of the policy for municipal employees, for businesses with 75 or more employees and for businesses who have government contracts with New York City.
“As the city with the worst income disparity in the country, New York will not turn that around by following the lead of other parts of the country where the cost of living is much lower. It has to lead, and a $30 minimum wage is the way to do it,” said Konst. “While $15/hour was a great success, it’s frankly not enough for any family to pay their rent anywhere in the US. We need to have bolder economic solutions to solve our affordability crisis in NYC.”
Konst continued, “For too long we’ve been fed the lie that we are powerless to make our city more livable and affordable. But at the core of Democratic Socialism is the idea that the ability to shape our living conditions is in our hands. Paying working people more is one of the most obvious ways we can achieve that, and as one of the richest cities in the world, we’re more than capable of leading the way.”
Konst’s campaign for Public Advocate makes the case for a $30 minimum wage as part of a broader Democratic Socialist agenda to make New York more livable for working people.


 While we may not agree with candidate Konst's agenda it is news which we feel the public needs to know. 

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