Sunday, January 27, 2019

John Fratta Says Good Bye to Bronx Community Board 11

Pictured Above - (l-r) Anthony Vitaliano 1st Vice-Chair, Albert D'angelo Chair, Jeremy Warneke District Manager, John Fratta (speaking), Joanne Russo-Rubino 2nd Vice Chair, 49th Precinct Captain Andrew Natiw.

  Thursday night was the last time that former District Manager and Business Promotion Coordinator at Bronx Community Board 11 John Fratta sat up front in an official role. During his Good Bye speech which came after a well attended retirement party, he wished the board, its members, and the CB 11 community a fond farewell after dedicating so many years of his life to CB 11. 

  After serving fifteen years as CB 11 District Manager John Fratta became the Business Promotion Coordinator at Cb 11, and also mentored Jeremy Warneke to adjust to his role as the new District Manager of CB 11. Many words of praise came from most of the current members of CB 11 who have been on the board from when John Fratta became the District Manager of CB 11. 

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