Wednesday, January 30, 2019

NYC Public Advocate Candidate Nomiki Konst Endorsed by Council Member Costa Constantinides

Called for a Green New Deal for NYC to Fight Climate Change
Unveiled Environmental Platform
Nomiki Konst today received a major endorsement in her bid to become New York City’s next Public Advocate, and outlined specific steps she would take to protect New Yorkers from the dire effects of climate change.
  Council member Costa Constantinides (District 22) announced his support for Konst’s campaign, describing her as “a dynamic, progressive, and inspiring advocate who will fight for marginalized New Yorkers with the same tenacity she did as a truth-seeking reporter.”  

“I am proud to support Nomiki — an ally in the fight against climate change, a constituent, and a fellow Greek-American leader — because I know she will be a beacon of light for the voiceless," Constantinides said.
“Getting the support of Councilman Constantinides is a great honor” Konst said. “I’m proud that as my Councilman, he has emerged as one of the nation’s boldest and most progressive leaders on issues related to climate change.”

Among his many environmental initiatives, Councilman Constantinides has introduced bills to reduce greenhouse gas levels in the city, forced the reduction of carbon output by large buildings, and required health inspections of city water tanks.

During a news conference at 10 a.m. today outside the Con Ed power plant in Astoria, Konst pledged her support for:
  •    Creating a City-owned electric utility, as a path to reaching the 100% renewable-energy level by 2030
  •   Investing in a fully functioning mass transit system, so that ridership expands and CO₂ emissions are reduced
  •   Requiring all new construction projects to be zero-carbon  
  •   Imposing penalties on the use of imported, fracked gas
  •   Allowing green roofs on any buildings that can host them, and adding green roofs on schools, hospitals, libraries, and post offices
  •   Banning plastic bags citywide and exploring ways to reduce the ecological impact of plastic on the City’s environment      
New Yorkers will go to the polls to choose the next Public Advocate on Tuesday, Feb. 26th.  The election is non-partisan.  Konst, a former investigative reporter, national surrogate for Sen. Bernie Sanders and Democratic socialist, is on the ballot under the Pay Folks More party line.

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