Monday, January 21, 2019

NYPD Comp Stat report Numbers For the First Two Weeks of January 2019

Police Department City of New York

Volume 26 Number 2   CompStat Bronx Report 
Covering the Week 1/7/2019 Through 1/13/2019

                                     Year to Date* Two Weeks 2019
                                     2019    2018 % Chg
Murder                         3            5        -40.0
Rape                            13          10         30.0
Robbery                      113        90         25.6
Fel. Assault                186       172          8.1 
Burglary                      64          59          8.5   
Gr. Larceny                194       201        -3.5  
G.L.A.                          41           44        -6.8    
TOTAL                      614         581       5.68      

Transit                        15          10        50.0
Housing                      52          39        33.3
Petit Larceny             509      418        21.8
Misd. Assault            375       299       25.4
Misd. Sex Crimes       34         16       112.5
Shooting Vic.                9         13       -30.8 
Shooting Inc.                9           9          0.0


You can see from the reported crime statistics by the NYPD that crime is up for the first two weeks of 2019 when compared to the first two weeks of 2018. While all crime in the borough of the Bronx is up 5.68% for the first two weeks of 2019 over the same period of 2018, we are disturbed at the increases in these precincts, 42nd 58.54%, 45th 51.61%, 46th 39.53%, and 48th 27.59%. 

It should be noted that while the murder rate Bronx wide for 2018 was 25% higher than 2017, there were three precincts the 49th with an increase in murder of 133.3%, 50th precinct with an increase of 133.3%, and the 52nd with an increase of 250%. We are happy to see a decrease for the first two weeks in 2019 in the overall number for the Bronx.

The Rape rate for 2018 it was 14.1% higher Bronx wide than in 2017 with the three Bronx precincts having the largest increase in rape. The 41st 95.2%, the 49th 92.3%, and the 50th 87.5%. We are not happy to see that in the first two weeks for 2019 the rate of rape Bronx wide is up 30% over the same period of the year before which was an increase over the previous year.

When I questioned Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner O'Neil  on the increase of these crimes in August of 2018 I was told that 100 new officers were assigned to Bronx precincts. I later found out that said new officers were only replacing officers which had retired or were transferred to other duties resulting in what many officers said were a zero net gain of officers, and a few precincts having less police officers than they had previously. 

On January 8th I questioned Mayor de Blasio on the figures from the year end Comp Stat report from the NYPD about the rise in violent crime in the Bronx. Mayor de Blasio replied that my figures must be wrong and that I should check them with the NYPD. I have taken the mayor up on his suggestion, and sent an e-mail to Commissioner O'Neil (over one week ago with no answer), and put a request in to Chief Hoffman (the former commanding officer of the 52nd precinct) who is the head of Community Affairs at the NYPD only to be given the run around by the NYPD. I can't wait for my next opportunity to question Mayor de Blasio and Police Commissioner O'Neil.   

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