Sunday, April 21, 2019

Bronx Park East Easter Egg Hunt

  This was the thirteenth year of the Bronx Park East Easter Egg Hunt, and 8,200 plastic Easter eggs were placed in a roped off area for hundreds of children to gather with a couple having special prizes inside of them. Three lucky children would find either a one-hundred dollar bill, a fifty dollar bill, or a twenty and a five dollar bills inside the Easter eggs they picked up. 

  The event this year was being sponsored by the Everlasting Church and Full Element Martial Arts of nearby Brady Avenue. Full Element Martial Arts owner Michael Simmons said this is a community event for the children of the neighborhood. He added that over four-hundred people had signed up their child(children) for the event on line. The weather was cloudy with a chance of showers, but it certainly looked like all four-hundred children were on hand to find the lucky Easter eggs. 

Above - Jordan Sakleda of the Everlasting Church says a prayer for the Easter day, as Michael Simmons owner of Full Element Martial Arts stands by to let the children go hunt for Easter eggs. 
Below - The children grab up the Easter eggs that were put out to be collected.

Above - Was one of the lucky Money Easter eggs here?
Below - Full Element Martial Arts owner Michael Simmons is with the three lucky children who found the three Money Easter Eggs. (L - R) Atdatte Gjocaj who found the egg with twenty-five dollars in it, Christan Booker who found the egg with a one-hundred dollar bill in it, and Zhyla Landy who found the egg with a fifty dollar bill in it.   

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